Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Fun Fifteen: March 2015

1. Congratulations / Thanks / Good Luck: Congratulations to the mighty Black Caps on making it to the Cricket World Cup final. We're proud of you, that semi was a fantastic game. I couldn't watch the final - just too nerve wracking.

2. Annual Goals, Checking in:
*Emotional Eating - I dont particularly feel like I am emotionally eating as much as I was. BUT I am definitely nearly constantly craving sugar. Which is annoying!
*Triathlon Training - Still not doing a lot in this regard. I'm still struggling with my pinched nerve, my abs hate me when I try to actually swim, and I've been sick almost all month.
*12 books in a year - Thank goodness I got ahead of myself. I feel at the moment like I've done no reading, but I finished two new books early in the month - The Princes in the Tower, and The Bone Season. Reviews for both in the links.
*Dance - sigh. I wish.  
*Tramping / Camping trip (qaurterly) - We made two for the quarter - Battle Hill Camping in January, Ruapehu Lodge daywalks in February.  
*Outdoors as a family (monthly) - Actually, I cant find any evidence that we managed this this month. But with Mark away overseas, me sick and then a birthday party, there weren't a lot of days free to do it.
*Graduate Recruitment - I haven't applied for any jobs yet, but I have two graduate programmes I am waiting for, and several companies lined up for suitable entry-level roles, which wont be advertised till later in the year. Updating my CV is on my to-do list for Easter Break.
*Clearing out old stuff - Yay for some successful sales. Boo for growing out of more things. I'm just going to have to give a pile away soon.

3. This months goals, summary:
*Run the couch-to-5k week one TEN times. - Nope. Not even once.

*Re-format and update life list - Still not done. Uni has been insane this month.

*Get hut log books completely up-to-date - Still a work-in-progress. North Island seems to be done, and I've started the South Island on PC.
*Wear a skirt or a dress every day that I have uni lectures this month - I gave it a shot, and managed about 80% of the time.

4. Next months goals to aim for:

*Go for a run. Just one. Make it the C25K week one, so its more walking than running, but DAMN, get off my ass and do it.
*Have a week where I do 100,000+ steps
*Make an initial appointment with a personal trainer. Time to get my abs functioning again.
*Go see the dentist

5. Venue Review: We hosted LJs birthday party at the Makara Playgroup rooms. Perfect! Honestly, great for any kind of function that will have a lot of kids - indoor space, loads and loads of outdoor space, heaps of ride-on toys, a slide, kids-sized picnic tables. Plenty of parking, and only one neighbour to potentially annoy. Would be perfect for a family-friendly BBQ type function too, although you'd need to take adult-sized chairs and tables, as there are none on site.

6. Motherhood Moment: Having LJ pat me gently on the shoulder and ask "whats the matter Mummy" (and then say "I'm sorry") when I was crying in pain from a sinus infection. I was devastated that he thought he had done something wrong.

7. Been there, Done that:  A quiet month, truly! A 2nd Birthday party for E, several visits to and from Granma and Pop, and LJs birthday party. Mark away for a week in Melbourne, when I got sick and wound up camping out at my parents place for almost half a week. What the doctor thinks was a "diaphragm spasm" (read: muscle cramp that means movement hurts and breathing is excruciating) saw my parents even call me an ambulance. Thankfully no trip to hospital though.

8. Coming Events: A trip to Napier was planned, but uni assignments + all that time off sick this month = its just not feasible.

9. Links Round-up: Hmmm. Cant find anything! It seems I shared nothing on Facebook this month, and didn't bother bookmarking anything new either. I know I pinned some new recipes at least! However, here is the one thing I did share to friends that I thought was apt...

10. Life list / 40-before-40 update: Nothing new this month. As above - sick + uni = nothing gets done!

11. Wish Lists: More time. Honestly. Oh, you mean, buyable things? At the moment, a scraper mixer is my only thing I really want.

12. Life Lesson this month: Sometimes, you really do need to let other people take care of you. Also, the Air NZ app gets really unhappy when you dont check in for booked outbound flights.

13. Days gone by: The RNZAF airshow (I've still only edited one photo, three years on!), I still tear up reading about when LJ was in hospital. I was overdue and over it, so freaking over it by this stage. Gosh, this time 3 years ago was my endometriosis surgery. Mike and Nat got married, despite a major earthquake literally a month out.

14. Fave memory from the month: Probably hearing LJ say "Daddy in Melbourne" without any prompting. Even though, by that stage, Mark was actually in Christchurch for the weekend!

15. Photo of the month:
Surprise, surprise (not), I have no photos posted on flickr from this month to share. But I took this one at 38 weeks pregnant when we went for a walk through Zealandia.
Close Encounter

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Fun Fifteen - February 2015

1. Congratulations / Thanks / Good Luck: I'm going to be a bit selfish and do two to myself! Congrats to me on dropping to pre-baby weight mid-month (even if I bounced a bit immediately) and good luck to me on starting back at uni for the year.

2. Annual Goals, Checking in:
*Emotional Eating - this is still hard. I know I'm still doing it, but the whole "needing to go GF" thing is making it all a nightmare. Am off to see a dietitian mid-March, so hoping to make some progress after that.
*Triathlon Training - no running, biking or swimming this month. Instead I've been focussed on walking (to build general fitness and body strength) and trying to get back into group fitness at the gym. Turns out, combat class is fun again! Am planning to actively schedule this sort of thing in once I have my lecture / lab / workshop timetable sorted.  
*12 books in a year: Have made it to 7/12 now (two of these I also finished in January, but didn't write up then!) - getting ahead of myself so that when uni starts, I can fall behind again. Now adding in: "Lust to Kill" by Fred McLean, "Jorge Sandoval - Surviving Pinochet" by Peter Bidwell, "S-K, Schormann to Kaitoke" by Megan and Tony (eds), "Confessions of a Male Nurse" by Michael Alexander, "Harvesting the Heart" by Jodi Picoult and "A Noble Assassin" by Christie Dickason. Reviews are on GoodReads if you follow the links. I'm also part-way through two other books, one of which may take all year.
*Dance - sigh. I wish.  
*Tramping / Camping trip (qaurterly): Two so far this quarter - Battle Hill Camping in January, Ruapehu Lodge daywalks in February.  
*Outdoors as a family (monthly): As above, three daywalks based out of the lodge at Waitangi Weekend
*Graduate Recruitment - Nothing yet. Will be making an appointment to see CareerHub within the first couple of weeks of the semester though.
*Clearing out old stuff - managed to have a run of selling things off this month, which is awesome. Shame LJ is growing so fast that I cant keep up and the pile seems even bigger than before!

3. This months goals, summary:
*Run the couch-to-5k week one TEN times. - Nope. Not even once.
*GF Recipe hunt - Success! I now have something in the range of 40 GF / GF-able dinners on a rotating roster, most of which I've cooked before. I would love to get through some of my other recipe books and find some new ones to try though.
*Re-format and update life list - Feeling uninspired by this at the moment. Its the kind of thing I really need to do at a time when I have access to a computer with two screens - which is never, at the moment!
*Start scheduling in 40-before-40 stuff - I'm one down, one definitely in the works and have ideas for several others.
*Get hut log books completely up-to-date - Still a work-in-progress. North Island seems to be done, but I've not really started the South.

4. Next months goals to aim for:
*Wear a skirt or a dress every day that I have uni lectures this month
*Run C25K week one TEN times
*Have a week where I do 100,000+ steps

5. Product Review: So, I tried the new Edmonds Gluten Free Standard Flour this month, in a scone recipe to make savoury scrolls. It wasn't too bad. The dough was shockingly white compared to normal, and seemed very sticky, but then crumbled when I tried to roll it. Cooked well, although short rather than fluffy scrolls came out of the oven. They were tasty enough, but definitely did not keep well, even when reheated.

6. Motherhood Moment: I took LJ to the park one afternoon mid-month, and to get to the slide involved a climb up a vertical ladder almost above my head. He climbed his own way up, only needing my hand at the top the first couple of times, and a reminder to do one step at a time on a regular basis.

7. Been there, Done that: Not such a big month this month. I did some walks around the place - including a massive one from home, over Tinakori Hill to uni and then into the CBD. We had a family weekend at Ruapehu with the McGavins and the Cuthberts, which was fun. Swimming and playgroup started up again for the year. We walked the 6.5km option for Round the Bays with LJ in the backpack, and to end the month, I spent the day walking in the Orongorongos with tramping club. 8. Coming Events: A trip to Christchurch for LJs last free flight, his birthday party, a long weekend in Napier.

9. Links Round-up: A friend shared this list of history books that are suggested reading, I have two now on my kindle wish-list. I needed something fun to cheer myself up, so have added this video from youtube, as well as the same song with a slightly different take (Funnily enough, I've never seen the real video clip). The discussion document for the changes to the local bus routes. Some ideas to take time for yourself. I need this reminder constantly, always. The most succinct take-down of 50 shades yet.

10. Life list / 40-before-40 update: Nothing new this month. I think I'll try and get sunrise from Kaukau done before winter kicks in - perhaps around the time daylight savings changes.

11. Wish Lists: More books. Lots more books. And a new laptop, since the tablet didn't work so well for uni last year, and will probably be even less useful this year.

12. Life Lesson this month: Its ok to feel disappointed when things change in a way that inconveniences you and your existing plans. But sometimes, the person who caused those changes to be made can also be the person who makes you feel better about them.

13. Days gone by: Round the bays, the Christchurch Earthquakes. My triathlon. We had to say goodbye to Checkers. Outward Bound. LJ spent a night in hospital this time last year with an acute respiratory infection and then started crawling two days later.

14. Fave memory from the month: Probably seeing little miss McGavin asleep in her carrier on the daywalks we did at Ruapehu. Gorgeous, and jealous. Seeing LJ get really attached to Ella was also gorgeous.

15. Photo of the month:
I've not taken anything really worth sharing this month, and incredibly, have absolutely nothing on flickr from this time last year either! So I've gone back through the archives, and found the first photo I have of Mark, from the tramping trip we met on, way back in 2008!
There have been some other really cool things happen in Februarys past that I have photos for, of course, but, sentimentality has won out.

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Fun Fifteen - January 2015

1. Congratulations / Thanks / Good Luck: Congratulations to the friends who got engaged over the new year. I hope you have an awesome time planning your weddings, and that your future is rosy!

2. Annual Goals, Checking in:
*Emotional Eating - I wonder how much is boredom? I tend to open the pantry every time I walk past.
*Triathlon Training - Pinched nerve in shoulder = no weights training, no swimming and no bike riding, damnit. So I've been walking. Will start running next month.
*This months book: "Gentry" by Adam Nicholson. Took a while to get into it, but once I got reading, it was actually really interesting seeing how things have changed (and not) in the UK over the last 800-or-so years.
*Tramping / Camping trip (qaurterly) - Camping at Battle Hill with the tramping club families group was fantastic. Mostly!
*Outdoors as a family (monthly) - Well, we did a daytrip on Stewart Island, an overnight camp at Battle Hill, and a visit to Moeraki Boulders this month, I think we nailed it.
*Graduate Recruitment - nothing starts till uni goes back in March.
*Clearing out old stuff - a couple of sales on TradeMe this month, but still need to sort the bags of clothes.

3. This months goals, summary:
*Find 10 gluten-free dinner recipes that I would want to cook. GF by chance or on purpose, new or done before, actually GF or easy-to-turn GF.
*Reformat my life-list and update it to reflect some of the things I have done
*Start scheduling things in from my 40-before-40 list
*Get my hut log book(s) completely up-to-date

Wowsers. Didn't even start any of those. Will have to carry them all over to next month.

4. Next months goals to aim for:
*Run the couch-to-5k week one TEN times. I'm not a runner by nature, so I'm going to build up slowly in preparation for the triathlon at the end of the year by doing each C25K "week" over a month.

5. Restaurant Review:

6. Motherhood Moment: Watching a nudie LJ, who had newly learnt to jump, playing "no more monkeys" on his grandparents bed. Hilarious.

7. Been there, Done that: Stewart Island (#1 tick on my 40-before-40 list!), Dunedin, Christchurch, a visit to the farm, a night camping at Battle Hill. Lots of swimming. Visit from Nicola, Tom and their boys. Several trips to the Zoo and Zealandia to maintain sanity. More swimming (its been hot)

8. Coming Events: A trip to the lodge, I'm helping out with a junior bushcraft course through tramping club, and Round the bays

9. Links Round-up: Nothing worth sharing this month - two websites that sell canvas tents, and a holiday park we are looking at visiting.

10. Life list / 40-before-40 update: First 40B40 item checked off - Stewart Island. Yes, I knew I was going when I wrote the list. Of course I did. But I wanted something I could kick off with a bang.

11. Wish Lists: A couple more recipe books, more books for LJ. I'd really love a stand mixer, would make cakes much easier. But we have to wait till we have a bigger house (and therefore a bigger kitchen) before I can justify that purchase.

12. Life Lesson this month: Holidays with a toddler are not holidays. They are "travel". Darn that was hard work. Definitely looking forward to next summers plan to spend 10 days in one spot. Hopefully that will be a bit easier. 

13. Days gone by: A while back was the trip Mark and I took to Fiordland, including a day in Doubtful Sound. Back further still was working in Te Anau - I miss Fiordland at this time of year! The end of January always signals the anniversary of the start of my Outward Bound course. Last year we went to the lodge for a week. January has also meant Jamboree's.

14. Fave memory from the month: Seeing Kaka in the neighbours tree at home. Its so fantastic to see these awesome native parrots spreading across the city. 

15. Photo of the month:

Thursday, January 29, 2015

40-before-40: Things that didn't make the list

So, thanks to the ladies at the excellent secret mums group I'm in, I got an awesome appreciation for some of the things I have already achieved in my life - things they thought worthy of such a challenge.
Many of them are things I did when I was much younger, so here are brief write-ups of a few that didn't make it on the list and why.

Learn a language - I learnt French in high school, through to then sixth-form certificate level. I'm a bit hazy on a lot of it, and cant keep up with fluent speakers, but its been done. Additionally, I didn't want anything on the list that would take months or years to be able to feel I could satisfactorily tick off - and my perfectionist streak would mean I would want to do this quite well (Or I would give up quickly)

Outward Bound - This was suggested by several people. And its another I've already done!

Complete RTBs this year, then beat time for next X years - I'm already something like 5 years straight into doing Round The Bays. My best time was a run and walk, at about 55min for the 6.5km. I even did it 36 weeks pregnant! But I dont want to do things that need repeating over an extended period of time, as there is still an ongoing discussion in our household as to whether Marks career is going to need us to go overseas.

Hot lap - Cost. Pure and simple. I had too many things on my list that would cost not-insignificant sums, and so I had to decide which were most important. I opted for a holiday in Canada over a hot lap in a supercar.

Join a book club / choir - Another thing that takes up time, and how to I judge that its done? How many times would I have to visit / participate to tick it off?

Organ / blood / egg donor - For various future-health-concern reasons, I'm not going to be an organ donor while I'm still alive. Yes, that could be seen as selfish. Of course, I've got the "organ donor" box ticked, and Mark knows that. I cant donate blood because I black out. And I dont think my eggs would be wanted, given our family health history. Its one of the reasons I was iffy about having kids myself.

Work way through an entire recipe book - time, motivation, ingredients I dont like... Even my baking recipe books include chunks of recipes I would never eat if I cooked them. And (unlike my mother) I dont like cooking things I wont eat. I did start this back in 2013, trying to cook all 100 muffins and slices in one of my favourite recipe books. I got about 6 recipes in before I gave up.

Marathon / trail running event - Nope. I am not a runner. I'll run enough for this triathlon I'm planning to do late in 2015, but thats enough for now. I also did a half marathon at Outward Bound, and feel no need to repeat the process! Yes, thats me sitting on the ground in the background, trying not to throw up in the photo ->

Learn to surf - My list was already outdoor-activity heavy, so I gave this one a miss. Having a single surfing lesson is on my life-list though.

Die hair insane colour - Much as I would like to, this one simply didn't make the cut. I've been almost-fluoro red before, and my mum had a habit of going purple, green and blue when I was a teenager (and she was only a bit older than I am now)

Go glamping - Sigh. Would love to. But cost and outdoor-heavy list factor in again.

Firearms licence - I dont see the point. I have no intention of owning a firearm. I have friends who shoot, and I would love to go out target shooting with them at some stage, but the steps to getting a licence seem rediculous when I dont intend to use it.

Scuba ticket - I get claustrophobic watching underwater video sometimes, so I think I'll give this a miss. Its another thing where I do want to face that fear and give it a go, but I'm in no huge rush!

Fly a plane - Yay, another awesome been-there-done-that activity! In fact, I've done a chunk of flying through Air Cadets as a teenager, and then again when I was newly graduated from uni I got another trial flight.

Snow cave - sadly, not enough space on the list.

All the tourist train trips in NZ - Done and dusted. I've even done ones that no longer exist. In high school I did Napier to Wellington, and in my uni days, I did the train between Dunedin and Christchurch several times. The only part of the existing network I've not done is between Hamilton and Auckland on the Overlander / Northern Explorer. Sadly, my photos from all the other trains are film, and not digitally stored anywhere. I know I have some, but have no idea where.

Opera / Ballet - Another already done. I attended several operas in high school with my music class, including Carmen. Mark and I went to the ballet in Moscow while we were in Europe a couple of years ago.

Visit a nude beach - I dont think I'll ever be that body confident. Plus, its not something I would feel comfortable talking about, or taking pictures to prove I did it!

Perform Solo - I used to busk when I was in my early teens, and in primary school I sang solo in a concert at the town hall. Sure, it was only one line, but I still did it.

Monday, January 26, 2015

40 Before 40 - The List

So, here it is, in all its glory - the list. I'm going to break it down and explain some of the items - why I chose them, what they entail etc - over the next couple of months. But for now, enjoy!

1. Walk to Ruapehu's Crater Lake
2. Walk the Milford Track
3. Get a Tattoo
4. Shave head for Cancer fundraiser
5. Visit Canada
6. Finish the rest of Ruapehu Round-The-Mountain
7. Campervan Holiday
8. 4WD the Molesworth Road
9. Do a pottery class (that uses a wheel) and make something
10. Make it to 50 huts visited
11. Summer Camping Holiday
12. Tough Guy / Gal / Mudrun or similar
13. Bathurst V8's weekend
14. Travel on an overnight train in a sleeper carriage
15. Do a cruise - sea or river
16. Attend a major sporting event (commonwealth games, bledisloe cup etc)
17. Complete the S-K in a single trip
18. Complete the Southern Crossing
19. Do a photography exhibition
20. Whanganui River Journey
21. Go sailing on Wellington Harbour
22. Fly in a glider
23. Blackwater Rafting
24. Have a white Christmas
25. Sponsor someone to do Outward Bound - at least $1k
26. Mt John Observatory
27. Visit Tane Mahuta
28. Cape Campbell Walkway
29. Otago Rail Trail
30. Do an overnight Solo tramp
31. Visit Stewart Island
32. Clay bird shooting
33. Visit SA, WA and NT (so I've done all the states / territories of Australia)
34. Bungy jump OR sky dive
35. Trapeeze
36. Go overseas / to another city for a concert
37. Attend a charity ball / dinner / gala event
38. Overland track, Tasmania
39. Watch Sunrise from the top of Mt Kaukau
40. Volunteer for a SARop

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Fun Fifteen: December 2014

1. Congratulations / Thanks / Good Luck: Congratulations to Kate (and Tim) on the arrival of O. Looking forward to meeting your new wee man.

2. Annual Goals, Checking in:
Exercise: Turns out, through tracking on My Fitness Pal and Map My Walk, that over October, November and December, I did some form of trackable exercise (swimming, gym, recorded walks) on average 4.6 times a week. Not bad.
Job / Course: Uni is finished for the year, I'm on summer holiday because I was too disorganised to get a summer job. I'm enrolled for 2015, now waiting to get confirmation I'm being allowed into all the courses I need to do.
Clothes: Looks like I have a lot of reasonably nice clothes to list on TradeMe in the new year - I put over a dozen items on wrong-way coat hangers mid-year, with a decision that if I hadn't worn the item on it by the end of January, I wasn't going to keep it (I had to extend from Christmas, since the weather has been rotten).
Weight: I decided at the start of the month to stop tracking my weight after I was blood-test diagnosed with Coeliacs disease. At the moment, life is all about moderating symptoms while I wait to see the gastroenterologist to get a biopsy to confirm.
Creative: Cleared in July.
Actually been spending a bit more time online, but at least more of it has been somewhat productive.

3. This months goals, summary:
* Daily steps average over 10,000 for the month - this is one I had to wait to get home to my spreadsheet to confirm (wish the desktop application would do these sorts of stats). Turns out I got over 11,000 steps a day on average. Go me!
*Walk up Mt Kaukau - Yes! Done just a handful of days before we went away on holiday.
*Walk part of the Southern Walkway - Ran out of time.
*Cook 2 new recipes - First done right at the start of the month was Annabel Langbeins Harvest Tomato Sauce. Wowsers. Will be making and bottling more of this over the summer for sure. Second was a friends suggested apricot chicken recipe, which was decidedly average and will NOT be being added to our regular cooking roster. Bleugh.

4. Next months goals to aim for:
*Find 10 gluten-free dinner recipes that I would want to cook. GF by chance or on purpose, new or done before, actually GF or easy-to-turn GF.
*Reformat my life-list and update it to reflect some of the things I have done
*Start scheduling things in from my 40-before-40 list
*Get my hut log book(s) completely up-to-date

5. Restaurant Review: The ladies from my antenatal class all went to Foxglove for dinner at the start of the month, and WOW I was impressed. I had the flank with steak chips, and then the ice-cream sliders, and everything was so tasty. Steak perfectly cooked, chips cripsy on the outside, soft in the middle. The roast vege salad was yummy too. The only thing I didn't enjoy was the chocolate on the side of the ice-cream. Too bitter for my liking.

6. Motherhood Moment: On LJs last day at daycare, we got our first pair of hand-made Christmas ornaments. Too cute.

7. Been there, Done that: What a month! I've done loads of local walking, especially through a local bush reserve, and several walks all the way in to the city. We've visited the zoo several times and had year-end swimming lessons where Mark came along. Then we went on summer holiday - visiting the farm, Christchurch, Dunedin, Pounawea, Waikawa and ending the year in Bluff for a night.

8. Coming Events: Well, its a new year. In January, features include a visit from Australian relatives, a day on Stewart Island, a night camping at Battle Hill. Late on we also have a weekend in Greytown for the Martinborough fair and a weekend at the club ski lodge.

9. Links Round-up: A few recipes. My friend Sharron from tramping club has started collating her trip reports on a new blog, Ange is doing trailwalker this year, go donate. And then there is THIS insane jigsaw puzzle - I really want someone I know to get it.

10. Life list update: As always, no action. At least, I think there's been nothing. I've not actively worked on it - hence the arrival of the new 40-before-40 list.

11. Wish Lists: Nothing new right now. I got some new music before Christmas, and one of my book requests for Christmas. Will have to go shopping to get some of the others for myself soon :)

12. Life Lesson this month: Dont ever tell a physio you hope not to see him again. Finally better enough to stop seeing him about my knee, and I go and fall over and damage a nerve in my arm. Oops.

13. Days gone by: December always means Christmas and holidays - the Kepler track, Napier, Tongariro Crossing, Nelson and a day trip on the Abel Tasman.

14. Fave memory from the month: Probably arriving at McLean falls lookout to discover it wasn't fenced off at all - you could walk up to and into the waterfall. On a swelteringly hot day, this was quite awesome (not that I got wet, but the slight spray was lovely).

15. Photo of the month:
I had to come back and change from the one I had, when I sat down and went through my holiday snaps and found this from one night in Pounawea.

Sunday, January 04, 2015

New Year, New Goals (2015)

Health & Wellbeing
I've spent too long watching my weight and having it not change. Its started getting to the point I've been sabotaging myself, since nothing works anyway.
Instead, this year, I want to focus on dealing with my emotional eating, and sort out my digestive issues.
Also, I want toaim to do the Wairarapa Womens Triathlon at the end of the year - so that means I need to get running, riding and swimming on a regular basis, as this is a much longer triathlon than the Kapiti one I did a couple of years ago with next to no training.

2015 will be hectically busy. Insane. I'll be studying full-time, Mark will be working on ever more projects that may take him out of town (and appears to be heading off to Melbourne for a week for a conference too).
I'll definitely need some balance, some time to myself.
I want to read a new book every month. A whole novel, or history. 12 new books in a year.
I also want to get back into dance. Either back to Ceroc, or on to something new.

Being out in nature replenishes the soul. It challenges the mind. Its something we really want LJ to have a love for.
I want to do a tramping / camping trip (at least one night) every quarter. At least 4 trips this year. LJ does not have to be on all of them - in fact, I want one of them to be just me.
I also want us to do something vaguely outdoorsy at least once a month - a daywalk, a bike ride, a trip to Zealandia. As a family, or as a couple, or even just me.

At Home
We've made the decision that we're not house hunting again until I am back in the workforce, which means at least another year (and possibly two) in our little house.
I need to keep on top of the Graduate Recruitment programme. It is essential that I use it to get my way back into the workforce.
To save the house from feeling too small, I want to keep on top of giving away / selling things we dont need. No more bags and bags of LJs too small clothes piled up in the corner of our bedroom.