Sunday, April 01, 2012

20 Questions: March

1.The next thing I want to achieve on my life list is: I need to get the coctail party one out of the way I think.

2.What did I achieve from my life list this month? I wrote a post for A Practical Wedding. It wasnt quite my wedding graduate post, but I think I can count it anyway! I have also read a book by a new author.

3.Congratulations to: Mike & Nat on the arrival of their gorgeous wee boy, a little early and in enough time that they were settled in before their first wedding anniversary. Also Michelle & Sam on the arrivel of their little girl at the very end of the month.

4.This month I am thankful for: Being generally healthy. That surgery really took it out of me, and they advise getting as fit and healthy as possible before it to make it as easy as possible.

5.The big countdown is for Europe! 7 weeks and counting. We also have Jared here for Easter, and a trip to Christchurch before then.

6.In the news drama of the month: The "Weather Bomb" - caused some serious damage all over the place. We had really strong winds and a bit of rain here, Masterton had eels come up through the storm drains to swim in the gutters, several parts of the island had serious damage as well.

7.Something I will remember from this month is: Obvious, I know, but the surgery definitely rates up there. So does spending an hour and a half stuck in traffic at the end of the month to get to the airshow. Worth it to see the FA-18s though!

8.Biggest challenge in the quarterly goals: Exercise hasn't happened a lot this month, but I actually think the single biggest challenge is keeping myself motivated to apply for work. I'm just getting so frustrated with it all, I want to give up.

9.Biggest challenge in the annual goals: Blogging about life and big things, rather than just the generic stuff. I managed it a couple of times this month, and its definitely on my mind for next month.

10.What have I read this month? So Brilliantly Clever by Peter Graham (will do a book review soon), Drums of Autumn by Diana Gabaldon. Currently reading Fiery Cross by Diana Gabaldon.

11.Something I have learnt this month? Planning substantial international travel is actually quite hard work. As excited as I am, I am so sick of having to think about it constantly at the moment!

12.What has been the biggest challenge? Being so damned reliant. On Dad the day of my surgery, on Mark the few days after (and for money). I'll get there.

13.Somethings I have bookmarked / shared on facebook Check out these neat shots of the Aurora Australis over Queenstown early in the month. If you want a laugh, check out the Toastie Project. The minties post made me laugh so hard it hurt! Unlike pretty much all my friends, I havent watched the Invisible Children video on Kony, and this article sums up a lot of the reasons I now wont bother.

14.If I could go back and give myself one piece of advice for the month, it would be: Do more exercise at the start of the month so you dont feel so bad about 2+ weeks of no exercise at the end!

15.What exciting thing is coming up next month? Jared and Alexis are coming to visit.

16.What do I really want to buy? A life?

17.What have been the big social events of the month? Marks 30th Birthday dinner - 13 of us at the General Practitioner (which I highly recommend), and thats really about it. With my surgery in the middle of the month, it has been really quiet.

18.What events are coming up next month? Easter. Dads 50th. Mum and Dads big adventure.

19.What is new on my Kindle Wish List? A couple of books about Mary Queen of Scots, Gods Secret Agents: Queen Elizabeths Secret Priests by Alice Hogge and a Russian Phrase Book.

20.Favourite photo of the month
This has sentimental value - the beach races have been cancelled the last 4 years in a row, so it was wonderful to actually have them run this year.
And they're off! (70:366)

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