Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Q4 Goals Update: December

As always, a work in progress. I think I managed to complete 2, and get partway through most of the others over the quarter, and I suspect that all of these will carry over in to 2013 as mini goals.

1. Achieve ONE thing off my life list.
Right. Achieved this one (probably twice) in November.

2. Do a yoga class series
Sigh, I've hardly made it to the gym all month. Between an ear infection, car issues and Christmas. Oh well. Back in to it for the new year!

3. Exercise at least once a week
See above. Goal for Q1, 2013 will be go to the gym at least once a week. If I cant manage that for two months, then I'll be putting the membership on hold to save some money.

4. Cook one new meal a month
I made snowballs and lolly cake (which I think I last made as a teenager, if not before), but no new dinners.
5. Select, print and frame Europe photos
We had this down to 55 at the end of the year - I'm going to hand over to Mark to pick a top 10 from that. Will have this done and printed by end of January.

6. Start taking photos again
The joy of going away on holiday - new things to photograph. Now to start clearing the backlog of taken and unedited images.

7. Finish the renovations in the study
Plasterer done, all edgings in place, paint colour selected. Should have the room painted by the end of the first week of January, and fully furnished by anniversary weekend.

8. Get the write-ups from our trip finished before Christmas!
Drat. Not done! Only got as far as Rome on tour - still have to do the rest of our time in Rome, Berlin, Russia, Amsterdam and Hong Kong. Another one to add to the Q1, 2013 goals.

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