Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Fun Fifteen: March 2014

1. Congratulations / Thanks / Good Luck: Congratulations to all the ladies in my Due March group, and antenatal group who have hit first birthdays already.

2. Annual Goals, Checking in: Exercise: I'm doing ok. I've been advised to focus more on core strength and less on weight training, and I also know I need to do more fitness work. Might have to find myself a personal trainer for one session a month.
Job / Course: Paperwork done, course and funding talking to each other, all thats left to do is collect my student ID and text books at the start of the semester.
Clothes: Still a work in progress. Motivation must be found.  
Weight: Holding steady. Only 3.5kg to go to get to pre-baby weight.
Creative: I have half a dozen course options that I am looking at, but none start yet.  
Online: Fail. Seriously so.

3. This months goals, summary:

*No coca-cola all month: Fail
*5 gym session: Made 3, plus 2 swims
*Do one thing off my off-line list every day: I should have written down what I did, because I think I failed
*Write two real letters: Nope
*Finish editing the photos I want to do from our Europe trip: I at least got a couple more days done. Only 17 more to go (out of 45 days we were away)

4. Next months goals to aim for:
*Drink 2L of water every day
*Do 45 minutes exercise twice a week
*Edit 5 days of Europe photos
(decided to stick to simple things this month!)

5. Cafe Review: We've been to Rata at Zealandia a couple of times recently, with LJ pretty much every time. And every time has been pretty good. They have a couple of high chairs (which are always in demand), and a playpen with a few toys scattered around. I've never made it there in good weather, but even in bad weather, its still cool to look out through the cafe blinds to the lower reservoir. Food good, Brioche french toast fantastic, caramel milkshake to die for.

6. Motherhood Moment: The realisation that the end of this month is the last time I wont be calling my baby a one-year-old. Gulp.

7. Been there, Done that: Started the month with a trip to Castlepoint for the races, and rounded it out with an overnight stay on Somes Island with the families group from tramping club.

8. Coming Events: A first birthday, with a party and family visiting from out of town. Easter and ANZAC weekend, which may mean some time away, and will definitely mean some time spent on renovations.

9. Links Round-up: When Cyclone Lusi was on its way here early in the month, Mike shared a link to an awesome world viewer of what the wind is doing RIGHT now, the slightly disturbing "It happened to me" from XOJane, we got to go past this hella ugly superyacht on our way to Somes Island, how to make a tropical cyclone beautiful (using the earth.null website mentioned above), someone close to me was involved in this awful mess in Christchurch, and I spent a lot of time following the GodZone adventure race, which produced some stunning photos

10. Life list update: Nothing happening

11. Wish Lists: Too poor to shop!

12. Life Lesson this month: Life goes fast. 

13. This time last year: I was overdue, and totally sick of being pregnant. I was seriously hating on my body for how I looked, and how it wasn't working any more. And I was finally finishing up writing up my Europe adventure. I should really get around to editing the last of the photos sometime soon!

14. Fave memory from the month: Going out for Friday night drinks and dinner with Mike & Jo for Marks birthday. Was such a treat to be out at dinner and bedtime!

15. Photo of the month:
I've been busy editing old photos, and 95% of my months photos are of LJ this month... So here is one from 2012 I recently shared

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Kelly Warriner-Simpson said...

I'm sure you end up doing more than me each month and I have no idea how I manage to get done what I do.

You are a legend! High five for the super-mums!